1. As I cheer for the Patriots next week 😉 we’ll be snacking on similar things! Wings and nachos are definitely staples. I may make some chili or have meatballs and then a veggie tray with hummus (to have a healthy option, that most people don’t touch!). I also like to make festive brownies or cupcakes for something sweet.

    • grogers2007@gmail.com

      That sounds like a great spread for Super Bowl! We also put out veggies, dip and sometimes crackers and cheese. I am usually the only one who eats the veggies! We will be making a sweet treat too! Last year, I baked cupcakes and colored the icing to match the teams that were playing. Not sure what I will bake this year! Enjoy the game and feasting on your yummy food 🙂

    • grogers2007@gmail.com

      I thought the use of Goldfish Crackers was a great idea too! When I came across that idea, I was sold. They add the perfect crunch, add flavor to the chicken and so easy to make. As a mom, I always have Goldfish Crackers in our snack cabinet 🙂

  2. These are great picks for the big game! I think I could have a plate of those Alice fries and mini strombolis all to myself. 🙂

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