Stay at Home Mama Here I Come!

Today was the first day of school for the teachers in the school district in which I teach.  I was not there.  I was at home with my 10 month old daughter.  This is the first time in 10 years that I am not participating in everything “Back to School”.  I was feeling a set of mixed emotions.  I always loved going back to school because it made me happy seeing everyone and talking about “What We Did On Summer Vacation”.  I will actually admit that I found myself a little sad about not seeing my coworkers.  This year is different.  This year is exciting.  This year I am lucky enough to be at home with my daughter.  This year I will have a new routine.  This year will be all about Jemma.  I will be teaching her and planning activities for her.  We will be learning together.  We will be playing together.  We will be eating meals together.  We will be together.  Staying at home will have its challenges, but I am committed to overcoming those challenges.  My husband is working long days to support us and I am going to work hard to keep everything at home under control.  There will be tough days.  There will be great days.  There will just be days.  No matter what, I will not worry.  I will not stress.  Staying at home with my daughter is a privilege.  The next 185 days are precious and I plan to make the most of them.  A friend of mine told me that teaching will always be here when I am ready to return.  These early years with my daughter will not be so I must cherish them before they are gone.  Here’s to a year filled with memories, lots of laughter and love.



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      Thank you! Yes it was very bittersweet! We are starting to get into a good routine at home so I’m happy about that!

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