• grogers2007@gmail.com

      You definitely need to try this! It is a great addition to pasta with chicken and cherry tomatoes. You can also mix shrimp with the pesto and pasta.

  1. This sounds so good! My husband even looked over to see what I was reading and exclaimed “PESTO!”
    Will absolutely be making this soon and using it for my pasta..mmmmm.

    • grogers2007@gmail.com

      That’s great!! It is very good on pasta. I am glad to hear your husband was excited you were reading about Pesto.

  2. Natalie

    Ah I just made homemade pesto with basil, almonds and parsley a couple weeks ago! I’ll have to keep this recipe handy for next time!

    • grogers2007@gmail.com

      Yum! I bet that Pesto was yummy too! That’s what I love about it so much, you can mix up the greens and nuts once you have the basic recipe down.

    • grogers2007@gmail.com

      We drink Almond Milk too and I love Almond Butter. Almonds are a great source of Calcium, which is why I started drinking it more than Cow’s Milk. It was very easy to make. As a SAHM with an 11 month old, I need quick, easy and healthy!

  3. Shell

    This sounds absolutely delicious!!! My son loves spinach so much so I think that he’ll love making this with me!

    • grogers2007@gmail.com

      I’m so glad your son and you will enjoy making this together 🙂 I am a spinach lover as well and am always looking for ways to use it other than salads!

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