About Me

Hi!  My name is Gwendolyn.


I am…

  • A Mom
  • A Wife
  • A Daughter
  • A Friend
  • A Teacher
  • A Marathon Runner
  • A Baker
  • A Cook
  • A Photo Booker
  • A Peanut Butter Lover

My husband and I welcomed Jemma Caroline into the world on October 25, 2016.  Bringing a baby into this world gives me a newfound definition for “time flies”.  My daughter is growing fast and I am cherishing every moment at home with her.  The past few months were a learning experience for me.  Lots of advice from friends, family and coworkers!  Some of this advice, or tips, was helpful and some I tucked away.  I want to share my own experiences and what I learned in hopes of helping all you new moms out there enjoy life with your little bundle(s) of joy while continuing to pursue your interests!

Marathon Runner

My running journey began in January 2011 when I registered for my first distance race, a local half-marathon.  This journey continued to include many more half-marathons and 4 marathons.  Along the way, I learned a lot about training, building strength, and nutrition.  I was inspired, encouraged and supported by other runners who shared their knowledge and experiences with me.  Many of my friends were brought into my life through running.  My goal is to carry on this learning and use my own experiences as a distance runner to ignite the fire within YOU!


Muffins, cookies, cakes and brownies are just a few of the many things I LOVE baking for my family and friends.  Whether it is a birthday, a special event, a holiday or just an ordinary day, I love whipping up a delicious baked good to enjoy as an after dinner snack throughout the week!  The more chocolate in the baked good, the happier my husband is 🙂  My goal is to share the recipes I’ve used as well as baking tips/tricks from my kitchen to YOURS!

Home Cook

I absolutely LOVE taking simple ingredients and putting together a delicious and nutritious meal for my husband and I.  It is important to me that my husband and I sit around the table to enjoy dinner together.  Meal planning, freezer meals and bulk cooking are how I save money on groceries as well as bringing variety to dinnertime.

Selfie with Jemma