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Hi,  I’m Gwendolyn from NurturingFamilyandSelf.com 🙂

Monthly Memories 2017

I am a mom to a beautiful little girl and the wife to an extraordinary man.

I taught reading and ESL in an inner city school district.  I was a positive light in many of my students’ lives and worked hard to nurture a love of reading, writing and learning.  This was met with challenges, but seeing the light-bulbs turn on and watching their pride after reading a book all by themselves or publishing a piece of writing after weeks of hard work made my days as a teacher truly worth it.  I cared for my students and wanted to inspire them to love every moment and laugh out loud because they were kids after all.

I enjoyed my days as a teacher, nurturing and guiding my students as they grew into independent readers and writers.  I enjoyed helping them find their passion and their voice.

But as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted to become a stay at home mom. 

I was particularly drawn to the blogs that shared stories of real experiences and made me feel like I was drawn into their world.  Reading all of these blogs got me thinking about the stories I could share, my own experiences, my passions and my favorite things.

I started blogging!  I realized how hard it is to put your own story, experiences and passions into writing for the world to read.  I wrote a post here and there, but wasn’t very consistent with it.  That is when I started networking with other bloggers through Facebook groups and following mom bloggers on Instagram.  It really opened my eyes to everything blogging and introduced me to a whole new community.  I loved reading other blogs and it gave me inspiration for my own blog.

As a new mom, especially a stay at home mom, I was struggling to find balance in my own life.  Between taking care of a baby, doing house chores, cooking and cleaning, I barely found time for myself to pursue those hobbies and interests I enjoyed before becoming a mom.  Plus, my husband was working long days to support us so I could stay at home with our daughter.

I know there are other moms out there feeling the same way I do so I wanted to use blogging to share the things that have helped me find balance in my life (It wasn’t always easy!) while fulfilling my role as a mom, wife, homemaker, daughter, and friend.

My goal with the Nurturing Family and Self blog is to inspire other moms to live a balanced life filled with passion, love and laughter.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit!  I appreciate you being a part of my blogging community 🙂

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